With a plethora of online technologies evolving, and advancements in information technology, businesses today have no choice but to adapt to these changes and compete toe to toe incorporating the latest in business software. We excel at developing streamlined mobile apps, web based applications and cyber security infrastructures for different organizations.

Our mission is to integrate bold thinking and become a renowned vendor of high-end business consulting, digital technologies, solutions, engineering and cyber security for a variety of different industries ranging from Information technology to defense and healthcare.

BC Path believes in the powerful value of innovation and diversity in its purest form. This is something that we focus on, and truly treasure as an experienced team of multicultural business consultants and problem solvers.

Our culture of streamlined and transparent innovation and technology empowers employers as well as employees – we spark creativity, helping you inject unmatched value with each and every single problem that we take care of. 



In the digital age we live in thrive in; nothing is more important than to continually enhance your customer support and to adapt to constant innovation. This is where we come in.


BC Path can help you harness big data and provide you with an analytical platform to use that data to identify key business factors. Not everyone has the will or the determination to handle or manage big problems.


Companies and organizations are under tremendous pressure to perform above-par with limited resources – especially with around 50% to 70% of their capital tied into operational expenses.