At BC Path, we have catered streamlined services to numerous enterprise, federal institutions and the health care industry. Ranging from in-depth consultancy to comprehensive analytics and Information Technology, we have accomplished a number of far-reaching projects with the help of our leading industry-experts.

Key Projects

 We conceptualize and develop robust technological solutions through transparent and on-point collaboration with both external and executive teams along with all the stakeholders, which includes government agencies as well as third-party vendors.

Our aim is to identify various client needs and requirements – set their budget and goals, aligning them with the deadline. We have the resources to successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control a broad scope of tasks through the life cycle of a project.

BC Path staffed and simultaneously managed culturally diverse resources throughout different time zones as well as coordinated efforts with cross-functional departments that primarily included Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Content Development, IT Infrastructure, Finance, Legal and Logistics.




Mobile Learning

BC Path managed and implemented a comprehensive mobile distance learning application to help students prepare for their university entrance examinations. The project consisted of over a hundred hours of dedicated video lesson and thousands of practice questions. We launched the pilot program in a handful of cities – helping students to considerably enhance their capabilities to perform well on the university entrance exam. BC Path expanded the program in multiple languages.


Mobile Government

BC Path drove installation of hardware/software in the governmental data centers, integrating a robust Mobile Platform with Mobile Operator Networks for SMS, Billing, IVR and USSD. Under this program multiple applications for mobile Government platform developed in a way so numerous organization could operate their activities smoothly simultaneously. The mobile platform set up to incorporated with the third party developers to create additional applications using API. In addition, the system built with end-to-end management tools for public, administrative, and department user interface.


Native App for Finance and Currency Exchange

We led the development and launch of an Android application to provide an instant overview of the latest exchange rates between all major world currencies. Our application incorporated several features such instant amount conversion, graphs and charts showing rate fluctuations and buy/sell comparison data. The app helped businesses and professionals to make lucrative buying and selling decisions.


SMS Gateway, Messaging

BC Path has built a robust SMS messaging platform with the ability to send and receive messages in Bulk. A web-based module was developed as a Service (SaaS) for businesses, organizations, and enterprises to provide instant SMS messaging capabilities. The solution facilitated marketing and communications to target audiences through SMS. 


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